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Sales Manager:


Elly Lee

"Hello, I'm Elly, a proud member of the SHARE HOIST sales team. With a passion for lifting solutions, I'm dedicated to understanding your needs and providing tailored, top-notch service. Let's elevate your lifting experience together with SHARE HOIST!"


Sales Representative:


"Hello there! I'm Sophia, part of the dynamic sales team at SHARE HOIST. My mission is to bring innovative lifting solutions to your doorstep. Let's embark on a journey to elevate your projects with SHARE HOIST – where lifting meets excellence!"


Sales Representative:

Wendy Zhao :

"Hi, I'm Wendy, a proud member of the SHARE HOIST Sales team. I bring enthusiasm and expertise to ensure your lifting challenges find the perfect solution. Let's connect, collaborate, and elevate – because at SHARE HOIST, lifting is not just a service; it's an experience!"


Marketing Department

Dany Ma :

"Hello, I'm Dany, your dedicated Marketing Specialist at SHARE HOIST. With a passion for innovative solutions, I navigate the world of market trends and promotions to bring you the latest in lifting excellence. Let's amplify your experience with SHARE HOIST – where every lift is a success story!"