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Hi, there! Thanks for coming here to read the story about SHARE HOIST.
I am Tsuki Wang, the CEO of SHARE HOIST, and I am deeply thankful for your choice in partnering with us. Our journey at SHARE HOIST, founded in 2009, has been marked by a rich history of innovation, growth, and a commitment to excellence.

At SHARE HOIST, we consider every lifting operation as a new chapter in your journey to success. Our unwavering commitment revolves around providing you with cutting-edge and efficient lifting tools tailored to meet your specific challenges. SHARE HOIST is not merely a company; we stand as your dedicated partner, committed to propelling you toward greater heights of achievement.

Our journey began in 2009, focusing on the repair and maintenance of hoisting machinery. Quickly earning a reputation for excellence, we expanded our horizons in 2015 by establishing a new factory for the manufacturing of pallet trucks and hoists. This strategic move increased our production capacity and broadened the range of products available to our valued customers.

By 2018, SHARE HOIST extended its reach across the country, opening offices nationwide to better cater to customers throughout China. Our steadfast commitment to customer service and product quality further solidified our standing in the domestic market.

In 2021, a significant milestone was achieved as SHARE HOIST expanded its operations overseas, rapidly gaining a reputation for high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

The year 2022 saw the establishment of our own export office, streamlining international operations and enhancing our ability to serve overseas customers effectively.

In 2023, SHARE HOIST reached a global presence with the establishment of four overseas offices worldwide. These offices serve as strategic hubs, allowing us to better understand the unique needs of our international customers and provide localized support and services.

I express my heartfelt gratitude for choosing SHARE HOIST. Let us join hands to shape the future and infuse your business with unmatched strength and innovation. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to walk alongside you on the path to enduring success.

Best regards,

 Tsuki Wang