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Semi-Electric Off-Road Pallet Truck

The semi-electric off-road pallet truck is a specialized pallet jack designed for use in rugged terrain. It features two systems of power, electric and hydraulic, to enhance its performance and efficiency. The electric system is used for low-speed operations or for moving pallets indoors, while the hydraulic system can handle heavier loads and is used for off-road or heavy-duty applications. The off-road pallet truck is equipped with large, durable tires and advanced suspension and traction controls for stability and maneuverability in difficult terrain. This vehicle is ideal for industries such as forestry, agriculture, and construction, where heavy loads need to be moved over uneven ground or rough terrain.

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    Key features and advantages of a semi-electric off-road pallet truck include:

    1. Off-Road Capability: The semi-electric pallet truck is equipped with robust tires and a rugged construction, allowing it to handle various outdoor surfaces such as gravel, dirt, and uneven ground with ease. It provides greater mobility in outdoor settings where traditional pallet jacks may struggle.

    2. Electric Assistance: The electric motor on the pallet truck assists in propelling and lifting the loads, reducing the manual effort required by the operator. This feature improves efficiency and reduces operator fatigue, especially when dealing with heavier loads.

    3. Versatility: The semi-electric off-road pallet truck is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction sites, farms, nurseries, and warehouses with outdoor storage areas.

    4. Load Capacity: These pallet trucks typically have a substantial load capacity, allowing them to handle heavy loads efficiently and safely.

    5. Maneuverability: The compact design and easy-to-use controls ensure that the pallet truck is highly maneuverable, even in tight spaces or crowded outdoor environments.

    6. Safety Features: Many semi-electric off-road pallet trucks come equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, anti-tip devices, and ergonomic handles, ensuring the safety of both the operator and the cargo.

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    Semi-electric off-road pallet truck


    1. larger tires better pass ability:Equipped with 350x100mm solid tire large size wheel foot to provide better pass ability all solid tire,anti-skid wear stronger grip.

    2. Heavy strength bearing capacity :Designed for harsh conditions,off-road type cattle frame,high torque power easy to handle daily climbing and bumpy road.

    3.Comfortable handle:The keys are simple and clear the integrated functions are complete,and the operation is easier to use.

    Rated Lifting Capacity




    Length of the fork mm


    Battery capacity






    Battery type

    Lead-acid battery

    Our Certificates

    CE Electric Wire Rope Hoist
    CE Manual and electric pallet truck
    TUV Chain Hoist

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